Trash and Carry

Installation at Nurture Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibition of 10 artists titled: ECO DEMO M.O.

Curated by Linda Weintraub

Mixed media, 8' x 8' x 7'


Theme: ECO DEMO M.O. demonstrates ways to reduce the footprint

of exhibiting, transporting, storing, and maintaining art.  Furthermore, it activates

such ecological aspects of artistic collaboration as sharing resources and providing

support services. Such art asserts that artists' responsibility to the environment

begins with a thorough review of their own professional practices.


Trash and Carry concept: creation of a number of warehouses with discarded

materials provided to artists at no cost. Materials are classified into categories such

as reflective, flexible, opaque, fibrous,  transparent, soft. botanical.

John Day, copyright 2008

Detail of Trash and Carry

Detail of Trash and Carry